Dillon Francis is my Dad...

I'm Josh. I'm 19 and have an obsession with EDM, Deadmau5, MotoGP and Yamaha...
David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Honda and any rider with a last name of Marquez can fuck off though...
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Photo cred to my friend kalie, I was too busy crying to take a photo at this point in the show. PORTER FUCKING ROBINSON

Anonymous asked: what is your hate for martin garrix? he's not as bad as david guetta tbh

Granted that’s true, Guetta is much worse but I find that they both have the same awful qualities thats turning the EDM industry into quite frankly a joke. Guetta leading the way as he is this shining beacon of success alot of young producers aspire to be like, and quite frankly its not right.

I’ve got nothing against artists going mainstream and such, it just seems to me that those who really have the creative talent are being squandered by these kind of artists that are for the most part having ghost producers or using production values that are pretty sub standard in the grand scheme of things and are reaping an unjustified reward in my eyes. As they’re only making what’s popular to the masses, it has no soul or meaning to it apart from making money.

Plus all his tracks sound the same and have the same progression, as shown in the video that was released a couple of weeks back. I could go on but that give you the basic idea


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